i did need a break from the label. past 3 months have been very stressful for me. new job, family issues etc. which evoked health effects. in a nutshell - i did need a break without internet, emails, label activities to sort out everything. I know that I am lame. Crucificados will be run as usual from next monday, june the 13th again. All orders, trades will be shipped asap. I very apologize for all delays. Thanks for your patience.

these records will be out soon on crucificados

Kluster Fuck 7"
Atomkrig 7"
Systemik Violence 7"
Polis Äckel LP
Tragic Film 7"
Disease LP
Honnör SS 7"


Conflux aka Honnör SS "the price of war" 7" - out now

raw and noisy dbeat hell from sweden. Honnör SS were supposed to change their bandname into Conflux a while ago, but this will be the only release they will do under that bandname, it was simply to late to change their minds as the albumart was already made. They will continue as Honnör SS. Limited to 200 copies. Tape version will be out soon on crucificados including a few extra tracks from the same recording session.

you can listen to a track from the 7" here


Paranoid/Absolut 2x7" - out now

Raw dbeat hell mangel from Canada and Sweden. Artwork by Sugi. Packaged in beautiful 7" gatefolds.


Kluster Fuck "crazymaker" LP - out now

Raging female fronted grind onslaught from Copenhagen, Denmark. 20 tracks of pure violence. One sided lp on acid green vinyl with a laser etched flip side.

Kluster Fuck - facebook
Kluster Fuck - soundcloud


Headless Death/Pizza Hi Five split 7" - out now

Dis shit rulez. Newest release from Ohio brohelms, pizzahifive! Plus Melbourne, Australia's own headless death grinding it up!!!


Suffering Mind "waste farm" LP - out now

After innumerous splits, odd vinyl formats - this is the 2nd full length from Polands finest grindcore outfit. no tech, no frills, just good old grindcore with a strong diy punk attitude and a political message. All copies are housed in beautiful gatefold covers. 100 copies on black gold and 400 on purple vinyl. A 625/crucificados collaboration.

Suffering Mind - bandcamp
Suffering Mind - facebook


Holy Measure/Split Teeth split 7" - out now

Hard hitting powerviolence from Perth, Australia featuring members of Suffer, Prag, Negative Reinforcement vs. raging hc thrash violence from Melbourne, Australia. There is a limited edition on purple grimace vinyl.

Holy Measure - bandcamp
Split Teeth - bandcamp


Tragic Film 7" - out now

High explosive and raging hardcore thrash from Tokyo, Japan. For fans of Charles Bronson, Slight Slappers, JellyRoll Rockheads... You can listen to the 7" here.

Tragic Film - bandcamp
Tragic Film - blog


Psudoku "planetarisk sudoku" LP - out now

The second installment of Norway's psycho space grinders PSUDOKU (Parlamentarisk Sodomi side project). A mind melting blend of ultra tech grindcore constructed with influences of Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Captain Beefheart. Prepare to have your mind disintegrate into the cosmos. It is entitled "Planetarisk Sudoku" and has four long tracks of space grind with guest appearances by Anders Hana (vocals), Inge Breistein (saxophone) and Wei Li (vocals). It was recorded next year in a parallel universe where grind didn’t develop from hardcore punk and thrash metal but from 70s prog from the future, maaaaan.

Psudoku on bandcamp
Psudoku on facebook


Sex Dwarf/Warthreat split 7" - out now

Sweden's SEX DWARF burst out with four distorted tracks that remind of classic japanese bands as CONFUSE, mixed with swedish insanity. Warthreat from Perth, Western Australia set against three vicious, brutal, noisy D-Beat onslaughts. Total Rager! There are days when all you need is this kind of mayhem, turned up loud.

Sex Dwarf


Internal Rot "mental hygiene" LP - out now

Australia's answer to EXCRUCIATING TERROR deliver a monstrous barrage of head erupting grindcore on their debut LP. Invoking the roots of From Enslavement to Obliteration, this three man grind unit will pummel even the most hardened grind fan. Limited first press of 500 copies.

Internal Rot


P.L.F/Dead Instrument split 7" - out now

Houston Grindcore destruction unit P.L.F vs. Copenhagen's finest Grindcore machine Dead Instrument! Just in time for their immense Euro tour. Check killtown bookings for tour details!

Dead Instrument


Prag "demo" 7" - out now

Distorted hardcore punk from perth, australia. Prag plays a mixture of old Italian hc (Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, Wretched, Raw Power etc), Finnish, Swedish punk (Kaaos, ...), and US punk like The Germs and The Stains. Vinyl version of their outstanding demo tape.



Headless Death "ultimate resentment" 7" - out now

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia - Headless Death goes back to the basics and reappropriates Repulsion style grind for themselves, something really fast and swift but with a definite mid-80's raw death metal sound and vibe, this recording feels like it could almost belong to that era. A real old school grindcore record. Not one that sucks bananas with lots of tech tricks and triggered nonsense. A perfect grindcore and death metal amalgamation taking cues from Repulsion, Terrorizer, Righteous Pigs, Grave and Pungent stench. Brought to you by members from these australian grindcore and powerviolence heavyweights: Rort, Internal Rot, Roskopp, Pathetic Human.

Headless Death


Dropend "distortion hell" 7" - out now

Raw and noisy dbeat destruction from Japan. Pure distortion hell. you can listen to one track from the 7" here.

limited edition

regular edition


Bottom Feeder "grinding teeth" LP - out now

Do you know what eating ten pounds of mud tastes like? You will do after listening to the new BOTTOM FEEDER LP. Bottom Feeder (out of Copenhagen) deliver a primal dose of sludge that is reminiscent of Iron Monkey, Grief, and Eye Hate God. Not wasting one second, these degenerates dive right in and smother you with thick licks and blistering vocals while violently beating skins behind it all. These songs are barely enough to keep your teeth grinding and fists clenched but a killer debut LP from a band that is just beginning to creep out of the shadows of european sludge scene.

Bottom Feeder


Meth Drinker/Moloch split LP - out now

Two of worlds filthiest bands meet. Pure sludge armageddon. New Zealand meets Nottingham. Meth Drinker are just about to embark on a European tour with Graves at Sea and Dead Instrument. Check killtown bookings for whole tour schedule. There is a limited version on colored vinyl.

Meth Drinker


Meth Drinker 7" - out now

Oldschool sludge from New Zealand. Packaged in beautiful full colored 7" gatefolds.

Meth Drinker


Dogmatist 7" - out now

Raw and pissed off hardcore punk from Denmark. Bombastic and devastating, Copenhagen's DOGMATIST combine the punch to the gut of churning crust with elements of Scandi DBeat and an over-the-top presentation more reminiscent of modern blown out crasher crust acts. Whining vocals raise the hair on your arms, commanding attention and setting them apart from the flock. These dudes know exactly what they are doing. Ex Death Token, Love Potion, Hjertestop to name a few. There is a limited edition on white vinyl.



Suffering Mind "gates of suffering" 5" - out now

Poland's Suffering Mind crank out 5 new tracks of full throttle, head crushing grindcore. Completely unrelenting blasting. All copies are housed in beautiful gatefolds.

Suffering Mind


Dispose/Displode split 7" - out now

Raw and noisy D-beat from Sweden and France. Both bands keep alive the tradition of the Disnoise, essentially influenced by Disclose, Disarm, Shitlickers,... Limited to 300 copies!



Dispose/Kranium split LP - out now

Distort the north! Swedish raw punk assault! Dispose with distorted D-beat raw punk. Kranium with classic scandi raw noise.



Go Filth Go "5 track" 7" - out now

Ultra-distorted D-beat noise ala DISCLOSE! 5 tracks earbleeding raw punk massascre from Greece. First full 7" after their splits with Electric Funeral and Besthöven.

Go Filth Go


Kruel 7" - out now

Raw dbeat noise massacre from the L.A.! You will find 4 new tracks of raw punishing d-beat noise. If you're a fan of Disclose, Anti-Cimex, or raw punk in general, you should definitely check this out! 2 editions were made. Limited black edition comes on black vinyl and with black on black screen printed covers. Regular one comes on solid silver vinyl and with silver on black screenprinted covers. Both versions include double sided inserts and black dust innesleeves.



Unholy Grave/Nakay split 5" - out now

UNHOLY GRAVE has been around the block time and time again with their grind masterdom, and this release will not fail the loyal follower or newcomer to their Japanese grinding sound. one new track of pure raw grindcore! US based Nakay manage a track per inch of raw grinding black metal noise devastation on their side. All in all 5 tracks including an Assück cover.

Unholy Grave


Suffering Mind/Protestant split 6" - out now

Poland’s Suffering Mind dish out two paint peelin tracks of vicious grind, perhaps heavier than ever. Protestant from the US counters with two of their shortest tracks yet, one a melodic hardcore punk rager, the other a blastbeating nod to their partners on the split. Limited to 666 copies on clear orange vinyl!

Suffering Mind


Suffering Mind/The Afternoon Gentlemen split 7" - out now

Proving that there is more to Poland than strong beer and cheap labour, Suffering Mind serve up another platter of devastating top-notch blast. This is a band that churns out the vinyl as though the format was about to run out – they have released an almost constant stream of wax in just about every size and colour imaginable over the last couple of years, but they keep the standards as high as the strength of the spirits they drink. This time round they dish out 4 shots of 79% proof grindcore (including an Assuck cover) that will leave you dazed, damaged and dribbling. On the other side, English morons The Afternoon Gentlemen try to keep up to speed with 6 of their own concoctions, albeit resembling more of a mutant mixture of cider, tonic wine and cheap sherry. This cocktail comes with a grindcore umbrella, but is served in an unwashed powerviolence-shaped glass, with more than a faint whiff of bin-juice. Artwork came courtesy of Gayf Grief from the mighty Art Of Burning Water.

Suffering Mind
The Afternoon Gentlemen


Suffering Mind/S.a.t.a.n. split 5" - out now

poland's finest grind and powerviolence outfits team up for this little piece of vinyl. awesome!!!

Suffering Mind


Warthreat 7" - out now

Warthreat are from Perth, Western Australia and play noisy as hell d-beat. 6 tracks full noise blast with d-beat noise, energetic drumming, dirty and fat sound productions. Much riffing influenced from Anticimex, Skitlickers and the like. Disclose and other Japanese crusty/ noise added as well. This band consist members from Suffer and Extortion.



The Helpless 7" - out now

After a great a demo tape and a split cs with Leprosy The Helpless have honed their obvious Japanese influences to create a solo drenched chaotic juggernaut this time around. These dudes sprouted from the ashes of DEAD NOISE and feature a member of KRUEL, but mostly they just fukkn destroy. You name yourself after KURO, and you have just made yourself some big fukkn shoes, and THE HELPLESS fill them with style. A meaty bass and drum make for a perfect backdrop for noise guitars and destroyed vocals which is why we really listen to this shit anyway.

The Helpless


Unholy Grave / Tersanjung XIII split LP - out now

Raw grind chaos from Japan and Indonesia. Japan's grind legends Unholy Grave need no introduction. Unholy Grave is Unholy Grave. Love’em or hate’em. Indonesia's Tersanjung XIII plays an heavily old school influenced kind of grindcore, with the lessons taught by Agathocles, Unholy Grave, Rot, Dahmer, Warsore and Terrorizer strong in their minds. This four pieces crashes everything with nine songs. If you love grindcore the old way, you will love Tersanjung XIII. Make this record yours and you’ll love it.

Unholy Grave
Tersanjung XIII


Kruel / Unlearn split 7" - out now

KRUEL are a raw DBeat assault killing it in the Los Angeles Raw Ponx scene. No frills and no filler, just kick ass ANTICIMEX, SHITLICKERS worshipping hardcore punk. Unlearn are a raw and brutal Dbeat attack from Vancouver. 5 minutes of pure distortion and maximum volume with guitar torture worthy of comparisons to the greats. A loud and noisy fury of raw punk levelling everything in their path. Vocals distorted in anguish and a wall of guitars tweaked to ear splitting frequencies held down with an impressive d-beat attack. If you're a fan of Disclose, Anti-Cimex, or raw punk in general, you should definitely check this out!



Suffering Mind "at war with mankind" 10" - out now

Head crushing grindcore from Poland. Completely unrelenting blasting that only slows down for a few measures throughout the entire 10". If INSECT WARFARE and MAGRUDERGRIND got into a head-on collision. 500 copies, with a handnumbered limited edition version which comes housed in a Discharge rip-off sleeve.

Suffering Mind


Psudoku "space grind" LP - out now

PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI side poject! SPACE (THE FINAL FRONTIER) IN THE FUTURE (2012): A rift in the space-time continuum opens up a wormhole in Trondheim, Norway. The local political one-man grindcore band Parlamentarisk Sodomi disappears into a higher dimension, warping directly into an alternate world line where the band (now called PSUDOKU) records music from the future. Using 2012 technology, this music is continuously sent back in time to our age, 2011. A chain of sub-space events are occuring in a parallell multiverse. BOOOOOOM. Imagine PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI on acid! Insane psycho-space-grind that has to be heard to be understood.

Psudoku on bandcamp
Psudoku on facebook
Psudoku on last.fm
Psudoku vids on youtube


Internal Rot 7" - out now

Punishing grindcore from Australia not unlike EXCRUCIATING TERROR or in TERRORIZER "world downfall" times. Headcrushing blasting! Featuring members of Agents Of Abhorrence, Roskopp ...

Internal Rot


Gaz-66 Intrusion 7" - out now

Straight forward blasting fastcore from the Ukraine. A ton of short and to the point tunes of high-speed thrash! For fans of Charles Bronson, Spazz ...

Gaz-66 Intrusion


Rort 7" - out now

raging hardcore from melbourne, australia. featuring members from the mighty Extortion, Rort play excellent violent, self-loathing, power violence influenced hardcore for those who are down with bands as Crossed Out, Neanderthal or Mind Eraser. a bold brand of music with one common theme, brutality! artwork was drawn by Rohan/Extortion.



Electric Funeral "harvester of death" 7" - out now

2nd 7" by Electric Funeral . expect 5 new raging distorted songs close to DISCLOSE and GIFTGAS ATTACK. This is some brutal distortion and played exactly perfect. it is infectious noise that you cannot stop listening to. If you like noise punk get this 7" and their first and everything else they release.


Suffering Mind "s/t" LP - out now

Following up multiple Eps and splits, Poland's SUFFERING MIND drop their first full length of full-throttle, head crushing grindcore. Completely unrelenting blasting that only slows down for a few measures throughout the entire LP. If INSECT WARFARE and MAGRUDERGRIND got into a head-on collision. Limited to 500 so act fast. There is a limited edition on white vinyl.

Suffering Mind


No Tomorrow 4 way LP - out now

A international D-beat/Råpunk 4 way LP with Besthöven (Brazil), Warvictims (Sweden), Kruel (Usa) and Peace Or Annihilation (Indonesia).

Peace Or Annihilation


Closure/Mouth/Torn Apart/Bonestorm 2x7" - out now

Finally, this UK powerviolence, fast hardcore comp 2x7" is out. Featuring Closure, Mouth, Torn Apart and Bonestorm. Essential stuff for fans of Infest, Crossed Out, Dropdead and the likes of them. Fast, abrasive and in your face. Packaged in beautiful gatefold covers.

Torn Apart